What are key decision-making documents, e.g., Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Representative Appointment. Learn what you need. You can order your own, have them attorney reviewed, and then sent to you to be notarized and used.

After you have a child, something, makes you think you need to do something, But what is it, how do you do it, and with whom. Young Families have special things to consider in planning. Learn things to consider and how to get started when preparing your estate plan.

What is Estate Planning and Why should I care

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Wills, Trusts: What are they? Do you need one, both, either, or neither? Learn what plans you should consider to efficiently and protect your family and property during your life and after you pass.

When someone dies, it is emotional, confusing, and disorienting time. Find guidance for what to do and what not to do. Also, tips for when, how, costs, and what to expect when engaging an attorney.

Many people have concerns about the government taking all or their savings to pay for nursing home expenses. Is it real and is there anything you can do?
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Launch Your Start-Up
In order to protect yourself, your assets, and be compliant, it is critical to start with the right base.
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Beneficial Ownership Information
(BOI) Reporting. 
Couched under the guise of reducing illicit finance activities and strengthening national security and passed in 2021, The Corporate Transparency Act requires many small businesses to report "beneficial owners" of their company. The Act defines "Beneficial Owners," which is more than just those who hold stock, interest, or other ownership positions in a company. Why is this something to be concern with? An up to $500/day fine might be one reason. Visit our information site to learn what you need to know.

Special Planning for Special Needs

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It is important for parents to make plans to provide for their child who may need support for his or her lifetime. Learn about securing & protecting government programs, protecting assets for care, and how to establish a person to legally represent your child when you cannot.

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Do you have a child at or heading to college?
Make sure you have the documentation to allow you to help with financial and medical issues.  

The information provided is for educational purposes only. It should not be deemed as stand-alone, legal advice. There may be elements and concepts which could be used in planning. However, such determination would need to be discussed with an attorney to see how it may or may not apply to your specific situation.